About Us

We’ve always believed that your skin reveals a lot. Examining someone’s skin can tell a lot about their lifestyle, and overall well-being. 

With Freeq, my goal was to allow our customers to heal themselves from the inside, out. To not just hit the surface of the issues or cover it up, but to target the problems from within and allow the body to heal itself. 

At Freeq, we recognize each and every person on this earth has different skin and we want to honour that by creating frequency based skincare that aligns your body to get your skin back into a harmonious state. Your glow is already inside you, we just want to bring it to the surface. 

With state of the art technology we are able to infuse our products with electromagnetic waves that have healing properties to target common skin ailments. Combine that with our nourishing, and rejuvenating formulas we are able to provide a luxurious addition to your daily skincare routine.

Stella holding Freeq box

My name is Stella and I am the founder and President of Freeq Cosmetics.

Throughout most of my teenage and adult life I dealt with acne and acne scarring and would cover it up with large amounts of makeup and strategically placed side bangs. I was never confident in my skin and would NEVER dream of leaving the house without foundation and concealer on, even just to go to school, work, or to get gas. I thought that if I couldn’t bear to see myself look like that, how would others see me? I also was growing up feeling very lost and was always someone who didn’t feel as though I had a lot of direction in life. I liked a lot of jobs I had but I never loved them. I went after things that were safe and easy because I had no clue what I wanted and didn’t feel purpose in anything else I was doing. Needless to say-confidence levels were not high.

I did facials, diet changes, lifestyle changes, therapy, and basically sold out Sephora of any and all things that said they’d fix my skin. I went through that vicious cycle of trying to love my skin regardless and be mindful that things take time but feeling resentful when my skin would not improve and feeling like nothing worked. So when I say I understand the struggle-I mean it!

While it was long and emotional journey, I am proud I went through it and feel grateful it led me to where I am today. My wish is for everyone to feel confident and in love with the skin their in and know you have someone who recognizes the work it takes to get there. Our skin is our cover letter and a reflection of how we treat our bodies and ourselves and my goal with Freeq is to allow people the chance to enhance their natural glow and heal their skin from within.